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PSP 2000 Troubleshooting

The PlayStation-2000 (PSP-2000 or PSP-Slim) is 19% thinner and 33% lighter than its predecessor, the original PSP-1000.

Device won't turn on

No charge

If the power adapter was not completely plugged into the wall or console, the battery won't be charged. Try charging the device again to make sure.

Bricked console

Devices become bricked when the operating system is corrupted, which can be caused by turning off the console while upgrading the operating system or improperly installing third-party software.

If your PSP no longer starts up, and you're certain your battery and and power adapter are functional, then it may be bricked. Bricked PSP 2000 consoles can be unbricked with Pandora batteries. Alternatively, you could replace the motherboard.

Bad display

If your PSP turns on but the screen is blank, white, or distorted, the LCD may be damaged and require replacement. You can purchase a new LCD screen from our game console part store.

Bad power switch

If you're battery is charged, but the device still doesn't turn on, the power switch board may be damaged. You can replace it with a new power switch board.

Bad motherboard

If you PSP 2000 will not turn on, but you have ruled out battery charging issues, you may have a damaged motherboard. You may follow the PSP 2000 motherboard replacement guide to check for any obvious problems (cracked solder joints, damaged components, etc.) and attempt to repair them, or choose to replace the motherboard.

Battery won't charge

Bad AC power adapter

If your power adapter is bad, the PSP won't charge. You can determine whether you have a bad adapter by charging your PSP 2000 using a functional adapter. If your PSP accepts a charge then you need to replace your power adapter. If the same problem occurs with a different power adapter then your device could be bricked or have a bad battery.

Device shuts off after unplugging the power adapter


If your battery is dead, the device will run fine off the power adapter, but will turn off when unplugged. The battery may not accept a charge, the device may not recognize the battery, or the battery may be recognized as charged but fail to power your device. In any case the battery would need to be replaced.

No sound

The device is on, the volume is turned up, but there is no sound.


It is possible that you have a bad speaker or a faulty connection. Use the teardown guide to expose the speakers and make sure they are touching the motherboard contacts). If the connection is not the problem then the speaker itself may be faulty, in which case you will need to replace it.

Trigger buttons don't respond

If the trigger buttons don't respond then follow the trigger button guide to expose the buttons. Sometimes junk can become jammed under the trigger button and may need to be removed.

If that doesn't solve the problem, check the ribbon cable that connects the trigger pad to the motherboard. Re-connect any noticeably loose cables. It may also be helpful to clean the connectors with with a cloth.

Buttons stick

If the PSP D-pad or action buttons seem to be slow or unresponsive, they may just need a good cleaning. In order to clean the controls, remove the faceplate from the PSP and use compressed air to blow accumulated dust out from behind the keys. If the buttons are damaged, you can replace them easily.

Loose Analog Stick

Analog sticks have a tendency to become loose and unresponsive. The easiest solution is to purchase a new analog stick replacement.

The analog sticks, while similar in appearance, have small design variations between each model of PSP and are not interchangeable. Be sure replace the analog stick that corresponds to your PSP.

Games won't load

Your PSP will not boot games, gives disc-read error, and/or spins and loads continuously.

Bad disc (UMD)

Make sure that the disc is not scratched or dirty. Also, check that the disc is properly inserted into the drive. Before attempting repair, try a different disc to determine if the problem lies within the PSP or the UMD. If the PSP loads other discs, replace the disc that will not load.

Broken UMD trigger

If the white trigger on the inside of the UMD drive (opposite of the laser) is noticeably broken, the PSP will not read the disc. This trigger is attached to the motherboard.

Dirty/bad laser

If the disc or UMD triggers are not at fault, the UMD laser may just be dirty. With a q-tip and some isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol, open the back door where the disc goes and gently clean the laser head. Dry off the laser with the other end of the q-tip. Test and see if it works on a number of discs. If the PSP is still unable to load discs, the laser may be faulty. You can replace the UMD drive to restore your PSP.

He ask me to set date end time end after i cant pres ok to X botom to finish

Hristos Galanopoulos - Responder

Mine will come on with the charger but will go off after a minute or so. It will not charge the battery or power on with the battery. Battery is known good. I am at a loss.

Rodney Hubbard - Responder

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