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The Repair Revolution

Repair saves you money. It saves the environment. And it connects us to our things. Ditch the throwaway economy.

Repair is Freedom

You bought it, you should own it. Period. We're working on right to repair laws. Let's take back our right to use, modify, and repair however we want. Defend your right to fix.

We deserve the right to repair.

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Repair creates Jobs

Products that can be repaired, should be repaired. Refurbished cell phones can be sold to someone new. Repaired computers bridge the digital divide. Even better, repair jobs are local. They won’t ever be shipped overseas.

É hora de fazer uma revolução nos serviços de reparo.

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Repairable products make good sense.

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Repair is Sustainable

Our stuff used to be made to last. Now it’s made to last only a couple of years. Repair is green. It keeps the stuff you love in service, and out of a landfill.

Qual é o problema com o lixo eletrônico?

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Recycling is destruction.

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Manufacturing and mining are toxic.

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