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Nintendo Entertainment System Troubleshooting

Game Console Does Not Register Game Cartridge

Your NES turns on, but the game does not register.

Dusty 72-PIN Connector

After a few years, your 72-PIN connector inside of the NES will get dusty and the pins will corrode. A dusty 72-PIN connector causes an incomplete connection from the game cartridge to the game console. They must be cleaned in order to function properly. In order to clean, follow our directions on Removing the 72-PIN Connector. Once removed, use sand paper to rub the pins.

If your console still does not register the game cartridge, a new 72-PIN connector must be purchased. Click here to purchase online. Follow our step by step instructions on Installing Nintendo Entertainment System 72-PIN Connector to help complete this process.

Dusty Game Cartridge

The spokes inside of your game cartridges may be dirty or corroded, so it is important to clean these. A common belief is that blowing on the bottom of the cartridge will help, but you do not want to rely on this routine. Blowing into the cartridge increases the moisture on the pins, causing them to corrode faster and leading to quicker long-term damage. You can purchase an NES cleaning kit here.

Dusty Game Console

Your console may be dusty, which may cause your game console to not register the game cartridge. This problem can be solved by simple cleaning of the system. Refer to our guide on Installing Nintendo Entertainment System Motherboard. Remove sticky residue on the motherboard by using a brush dipped in rubbing alcohol.

Note: Be sure the motherboard is completely dry before reassembling your game console.

Game Console Will Not Eject Game Cartridge

Your game will not eject from the game console.

Springs Not Properly Mounted

If your game cartridge does not eject, it could be that the springs are not properly mounted. You can solve this problem by following our guide on Installing Nintendo Entertainment System Springs Not Properly Mounted on Cartridge Tray.

Springs Worn Out

If you notice that your springs are no longer functioning properly, you will need to replace them. Spring loaded pens might be a good source for springs this small, but if not, you can find possible replacements here. Once you purchase new springs, follow our guide on Installing Nintendo Entertainment System Game Cartridge Tray Springs.

Controllers Will Not Register

Your system registers the game, but you cannot start playing.

Plastic Controller Harness Defective

If your controllers are plugged in, but you are not able to control the game console through the controllers, then your plastic controller harnesses are defective. Purchase a new plastic controller harness. Once you have purchased a new plastic controller harness, follow our guide on Installing Nintendo Entertainment System Controller Outlet.

Game Console has Flashing Red Light

Your NES has a flashing red light next to the power button.

Dusty 72-PIN Connector

If your power light is flashing red, there is a problem with the 72-PIN connector. This problem may be caused by dust. A dusty connection leads to the game not being able to register. If the 72-PIN connector is clean, yet still not working properly, it can be faulty which will require you to purchase a new one. To fix this problem, go to our repair guide on Installing Nintendo Entertainment System 72-PIN Connector. To clean the 72-PIN connector, use sand paper to lightly scrub the pins. Then, use thin sand paper to clean the pins that are attached to the motherboard. If your game console is still flashing a red light, refer to Dusty Game Cartridge.

Dusty Game Cartridge

Each game cartridge has pins that connect to the 72-PIN connector and over time, the pins on the game get dusty. Use steel wool to clean the pins. If your 72-PIN connector and your game cartridge is clean, but your game console still flashes red, then you will need to replace the 72-PIN connector. You can purchase an NES cleaning kit here.

Television Has Blinking Black and White Screen

Your television has a blinking black and white screen.

Worn out 72-PIN connector

The reason why your television has a blinking black and white screen is probably because you have a worn out 72-PIN connector. In order to fix this problem, purchase a new 72-PIN connector and follow our steps on Installing Nintendo Entertainment System 72-PIN Connector.

Bad RF Modulator

You know that your DC-in board is bad when the game console will not power on. The only way to resolve this problem is to replace the RF Modulator.

26 comentários

ihave this problem only red light is on game doesent start why?

Rami Nieminen - Responder

The problem I'm having is that I can't play 2 player games n I know both controllers work and the 72 PIN is new can someone help me with the answer?

ledgernicholas - Responder

try opening the nes and disconnecting the plastic controller harnesses. connect player 2 harness where player 1 goes on the motherboard. turn the nes on and check if it works. if it doesnt, you have to change it.

Nicolas Novalic -

I just replaced the 72 pin connector and now the cartridge goes in very tight and I have to nearly pry the cartridge to get it out. After the replacement, the first game worked and after I took the cartridge out and put in another one, I can't get any to work including the first one. What gives?

topflitecop21 - Responder

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