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Laptop Won't Turn On

Loose or Disconnected Power Cable/Charger

One of the most common reasons a computer won't turn on is because it doesn't have a working power supply. Check to see if your power cable is faulty by trying to turn on your laptop while it is plugged in with a different charger. If a different charger works with your laptop, your charger is most likely broken. Also verify that the power cable is plugged into a functioning outlet.

Broken Power Button

If your power button is broken and can no longer send signals, your laptop wont be able to start up. Check to see if the power button is functioning by pressing it and seeing if it lights up. If it does not light up, it may be broken or disconnected which will prevent it from sending the start up signals.

Asus X551CA Power Button Replacement

Bad Battery

A laptop's battery typically has a lifespan of just 1-3 years. The battery's ability to hold a charge naturally decreases with time. If your battery does not hold any charge, your laptop will not function unless it is plugged into an outlet. To use your laptop normally, you will need to replace your battery.

Asus X551CA Battery Replacement

RAM Issues

Issues with your computer's Random Access Memory (RAM), will cause several common symptoms. The computer may crash or display blue screens regularly. It also may cause the computer to fail to boot up or even have a flickering, distorted display.

Fried Motherboard

The motherboard is where all the computer's major components are connected to one another. If your computer does not turn on or respond at all, there is a good chance your motherboard needs to be replaced.

Asus X551CA Motherboard Replacement

Bad Hard Drive

Your computer requires your hard drive to be fully functional in order to run. If the hard drive is fried or has less than 15% of free space, it will not operate.

Asus X551CA Hard Drive Replacement

Dead CMOS Battery

Inside your computer is a small battery. This battery supplies power to an on-board chip that stores information such as the time, date, and the system settings for your computer. CMOS batteries last for about 10 years, but a bad CMOS battery can prevent the computer from starting up.

Asus X551CA CMOS Battery Replacement

Laptop Turns On but Nothing Happens

Bad Monitor

It is very possible that all your hardware is working fine and your monitor is the only problem. Before you begin advanced troubleshooting and taking apart your laptop, make sure your monitor is working properly.

Asus X551CA LCD Replacement

Beep Codes

When your computer starts up, it will produce certain beep codes. These beep codes give the user an idea of what is not working properly.

Beep Codes

Reset CMOS

Sometimes the problem is a simple software error with the CMOS. An easy way to check this is by resetting the CMOS, which clears the settings on the motherboard. To reset the CMOS, simply remove and then reinstall the CMOS battery.

Asus X551CA CMOS Battery Replacement

Laptop Freezes Up or Crashes

RAM Issues

As your RAM begins to fill up, your computer will start to slow down and possibly freeze or crash. Because the Asus X551CA has its RAM built into the motherboard, your only practical option is to delete excess data on your laptop.

Bad Hard Drive

As your hard drive begins to fill up, your speed will begin to decrease. However, it is important to note that your hard drive needs at least 15% of free space for it to work at minimal levels. Below that, your hard drive might freeze up and stop working. Beyond memory usage, hard drives can also freeze up due to physical damage, and the best thing to do for this is simply replace your hard drive.

Asus X551CA Hard Drive Replacement

Over Heating

As your computer begins heating up, certain components begin to fail. Just like any system, your laptop needs to remain cool to perform at optimal levels. It is important to have an adequate amount of cool airflow to keep from overheating. In order for this to happen, both the fan and heat sink must be functioning properly. Also check to make sure that your laptop is free of dust.

Asus X551CA Fan Replacement

Asus X551CA Heat Sink Replacement

Keypad Becomes Unresponsive

Loose Ribbons

If you've bumped or dropped your laptop by accident, it it possible that some of the information ribbons came undone. These ribbons relay the information from the touch pad to the motherboard.

Asus X551CA Motherboard Replacement

Asus X551CA Touch Pad Replacement

Broken Touch Pad

The touch pad is used everyday, and there is a chance that it has stopped working as a result of erosion. The best option may be to simply replace it.

Asus X551CA Touch Pad Replacement

Laptop Won't Connect to The Internet

Bad Wifi Card

If your computer is not connecting to wireless internet servers, there is a good chance your WiFi card has gone bad. An easy solution is to simply replace your Wifi card.

Asus X551CA WiFi Card Replacement

Bad Ethernet Port

Damage to Ethernet port may prevent the Ethernet cable from properly connecting. If this is the case, the port must be replaced. Unfortunately, with the Asus X551CA, the Ethernet port is soldered to the motherboard. This means that, the only way to replace this port is by replacing the entire motherboard.

Asus X551CA Motherboard Replacement

Laptop Not Configured Properly

There is a chance that your hardware is functioning properly, and that the problem lies within your network configuration.

I'm sick and have to deal with this problem of my Asus laptop not turning on randomly all the time every since I've had it for 4 months it's been doing this for 3 months this is ridiculous I will never buy an Asus laptop again!

Jackie Sicilian - Responder

My laptop (model Q501LA) died and wouldn't turn on again. Hard start (no battery, only AC power) didn't work, draining resistance (trying to drain power with no battery or AC power) didn't work, replacing CMOS battery didn't work, cleaning all dust didn't work. Calling Asus certainly didn't help- they tried to get me to service it with them for a minimum of $300.

Laptop suffered no external damage and is 3.5 year old. All signs pointed towards a bad motherboard. However, that's too short a lifespan given the laptop is under mild to medium stress- no gaming, huge software programs, etc. Eventually I realized the hinges of the computer, which have a direct connection to the motherboard, must be outputting incorrectly that the laptop was closed and therefore unable to power on. The hinges of this heavy computer have gotten more and more worn over the years, so I fixed the issue by holding down the power button while slowly closing the laptop. It worked! Seems ridiculous, but it did the trick.

ciera.barrow - Responder

My x551ca is slow no matter what I do to make it faster I did everything I could to make it faster and nothing works.

Christopher Hadden - Responder

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