This guide explains how to replace the speaker in a first-generation Nintendo Game Boy system.

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Switch your Game Boy off and remove the cartridge.
  • Switch your Game Boy off and remove the cartridge.

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Use a fingernail (or small coin) to push down on the battery door latch and remove the battery door.
  • Use a fingernail (or small coin) to push down on the battery door latch and remove the battery door.

    • The release latch is a plastic spring clip. If your Game Boy is getting on in years, be careful as the plastic may be brittle.

    • When you're replacing the cover, be sure to get its two plastic tabs into the slots in the bottom of the battery compartment before pushing the cover back in place.

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  • Use a fingernail to pry each battery outward from the positive (+) terminal to remove them.

    • Dispose of used batteries properly!

    • Remove the batteries from your Game Boy before storing it for more than a month or so.

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  • Remove the six Triwing screws from the back of the device.

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  • Gently separate the device's front casing from the back casing after you remove the screws.

    • Be careful not to completely separate the casing halves, as they are still joined by a large ribbon cable that may be damaged.

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  • Slide the front side of the casing down to expose the ribbon cable connector.

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  • Grip the ribbon connector with your thumb and forefinger. Pull down gently until the connector, not the ribbon itself, comes out of its socket.

  • Separate the front and back casings.

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  • Remove the 10 Phillips #00 screws from the motherboard.

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  • Use a plastic opening tool to gently lift the motherboard up and remove it from the front plastic case.

  • Use caution when lifting the board since the speaker is attached.

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  • Desolder the two wires connecting the speaker to the motherboard.

  • Remove the speaker.

  • If you're new to soldering, refer to this guide for tips that will help with desoldering the speaker wires and/or soldering the new ones in place.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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This is just a guide to remove the speaker not replacing it so change the title as it is misleading as people that following this will want know how to replace not remove only

Paul - Responder

As stated in the conclusion, you simply follow the steps in reverse to install your replacement speaker.

Jeff Suovanen -

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