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Ground Hog Augers (model HD99-H) are towable hydraulic augers with variable forward speed and reverse auger rotation. The HD99-H model can dig holes with any auger with up to 18-inch diameter.

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Where can I find the proper bit

We have the HD-99 not the HD-99H and when we order the bits from Ground Hog they send us a bit that is too shallow and will not fit. The current bit is a SB-25 with the number 1986 stamped above. The Drill itself has 12-C5 stamped on the bottom of the drill. There is a decal that has DC-DARA on the shaft of the drill. Can anyone help me with getting this bit as we have none of the bits working that came with the unit. Thank you

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Hi @jobewood

Can't find the bits as per the info you posted but if you don't get a better answer perhaps try using a suitably sized hub adapter to get the bits you already have working.

If there is a suitable size adapter listed for the auger and the bits sizes, search online for Pengo (insert part number (pn) of adapter) to find suppliers that suit you best.

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