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Repair guides and information for bread makers.

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Can the computer program be reset?

I have a Kenmore bread machine, the computer needs to be re-programmed.

Update 6/9/23

It's a Kenmore; model 6G22, I think?

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@janetschuroll what exact model is your Bread Maker? What happened to it that makes you think it needs to be reprogrammed?


When I turn it on, it starts in the middle of the mixing cycle.


@janetschuroll what exact model is your Bread Maker?


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It can likely be reset by following the instructions below. Most of the bread machines I have used follow the same sort of reset process. If you provide the brand and the model you have I can research the correct reset method. This information will also come with the instruction booklet that came with your machine. If you have that handy.

Press and hold the Stop/Start button for ten seconds to cancel the program. If this is ineffective turn the bread maker off at the power for twenty minutes and the bread maker will reset.

I hope this helps.


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It's a Kenmore; model 6G22, I think? Looked in the manual I got, didn't see any help there. Will try your solution in the morning. Thanks.


Thanks so much for getting me out of that dilemma! It worked.... Very grateful!


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