Can I run a cycle with the water off

Frigidaire FFLE3911QW . The winterizing instructions say turn the water off etc. Run rinse and spin cycle. Add RV antifreeze. When I turn the water off , I cannot run any cycles and get 3 beeps. Someone online says the machine wont run with the water off. Frigidaire tells me it should, call a tech. Does anyone know if it should drain with the water off?

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Hi @mmccabe ,

Maybe try operating the drain pump in washer diagnostic Mode # 5 (and then #6) to drain the machine. See p.2-3 in the service manual.

Just what I would try.


Yes , Frigidaire sent me instructions but it turned out it was for a different model when I attempted to try it . When I aggressively pushed them for answers , they’ve agreed to send a tech in the Spring , without charging me , to look at the issue . That’s probably when I’ll get my answer. My post was to see if there was a tech out here that could tell me if there is a service issue or this washer will not run a cycle with the water off. The manual says under troubleshooting, if it won’t run , make sure the water is on. Frigidaire said , they checked with the techs in the mfg dept and they said my model does not have a board that will prevent running a cycle with the water off . So , is it a repair issue or is it just a function issue that they are unaware of? Time will tell in the spring but was hoping someone here knew the answer!


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