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Released in 2012, the Dell Latitude E6530 has an Intel Core i3/i5/i7 3rd gen and runs on Windows 7 (can be upgraded to 10).

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Can I swap motherboards with the E6540 model or

I have the Intel integrated graphics motherboard and like the title said will a e6540 motherboard fit or it not can upgrade to the discreet graphics card motherboard

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If you want a 6540 (assuming you own an SSD) you're better off buying one that's been tested without a hard drive and transferring the ownership, as the odds of this working are extremely low with your 6530 chassis. IN ADDITION TO THAT, the 6440/6540 use 2 DIFFERENT SCREENS (LVDS/iDP), so you will need to replace the cable, panel and board if you want the GPU on these - the IGP versions are usually LVDS (Some use iDP; primarily late production units and corporate bulk ordered units) and Radeon variants are iDP. Tip: if you buy a 6540 8790M (iDP) variant, put good thermal paste and pads on the GPU VRAM, and clean the fan. They're somewhat more prone to failure if poorly maintained compared to IGP models, although it is not a guaranteed fix. I took care of mine and it still failed.

Ex: My E6440 (IGP HD 4600) is LVDS - but my 8690M unit I came to own in error of forgetting about this is iDP (FHD compatible, but I need to hunt one down again - had to downgrade it to 768p due to Covid part shortages. It was a factory FHD though). Similar issue with the E7440s I own - FHD Touch units are iDP and my 768p no cam i7 is LVDS, so I fixed it and put it into service. IN ORDER TO GET THE FHD PANEL, YOU MUST GET A iDP MODEL.

I do sort of blame Dell for this issue, as much as I like the notebooks because this issue makes parts sourcing a little more difficult as I need to open the computer for verification, and know prior so I can guesstimate prices . For beginners, it means potentially blowing the board if you assume - you HAVE to check!

Back in these days, iDP was relatively new to “common” models like the 6440/6540, so they did this on early ones but later production models with the HD 4600 board FINALLY went to iDP but a lot of the HD 4600 (IGP) units are LVDS, so you need to check. Of course, this is despite the CPUs being DP compatible, so it could have been done with iDP being the only screen type. I believe a lot of these iDP HD 4600 models are corporate/gov’t buys, since the consumer/SMB owned (when new) tend to have the GPU, or they’re FHD HD 4600 models.

For the 6530 GPU upgrade it may be possible but it will likely cost as much as a 6530 that way or not much cheaper then a used 6540. In addition the heatsink needs to be replaced.

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Thank you I appreciate the information


@sgtlope No cam usually means ex gov't or paranoid company scrap. Which probably explains the CPU and screen choice on my LVDS i7 E7440. Never seen that anywhere else.

Seeing as I don't have a school teacher being nasty about it I have a choice and while I wasn't happy it wasn't a good panel for the machine, I know how to repair these.


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