Washer will start to agitate then STOP

So the washer will fill with water and when the time comes to begin agitating, it will start to agitate (one revolution to either right or left) and then stop. The 'WASH' light will then flash. If I press the 'Start/Pause' button it will agitate in the opposite direction (again one revolution) and then stop and the wash light will again flash. I can't get it to agitate if I keep pressing the start/pause button repeatedly.

If I set it to 'SPIN' only cycle, it will drain the water completely and then as soon as the spin cycle is to begin, it will start spinning and after a 1-2 seconds, it will stop and the wash light flashes. Important to note, the lid lock light is illuminated red and the lid is in fact locked.

I took the front panel off the washer to see what is happening down by the belt and motor area. The white colored plate with teeth will drop down and engage the black plate with teeth and spin the tub, but as I stated earlier only for 1-2 seconds.

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Hi @tlynn ,

What is the make and model number of the washer?


I'm literally having the exact same problem. I mean identical to this! It's extremely frustrating. I just moved a few days ago purchased this stackable washer, washed 1 load,kinda normally , it wasn't agitating properly, struggling hard to get it done, put 2nd load in it filled, half agitated for 2 secs maybe then quit!

Plz If anyone has a clue about this devil washing machine, I'm all ears!!! PLEASE sum1 answer ive searched all over the internet and every relatable post I find has no answer


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