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The iMac occasionally boots without the Apple bong

This iMac has some issue where it does not always boot with the Apple bong after power is removed if I need to remove the power cord. This is the second time it has done it and I was initially able to clear it up with a PRAM reset (no SMC needed at the time). However, it has now come back for a second time. I have a 20” ALS 20/2GHz/1GB/250GB/SUPER/56K/BT/AP EMC 2056 , if it helps.

So far, here is what I tried:

  • PRAM reset (~3/24/19)
  • SMC reset (4/5/19)

I checked the CMOS battery (Panasonic CR2032) and it reads 3.07V, so it was likely replaced before I got it or it’s an original cell that still works. I can usually clear it up by adjusting the volume and that solves the issue, but it may eventually come back - even with an SMC reset performed.

Should it come back, what should I look for? I have a QP538 machine, so I’m firmly out of capacitor plague territory. I don’t think it’s the caps because of how out of the range mine is. The software was a recent install as well, since I had to start fresh due to how I got the machine; I also wanted Classic support, so it required a 10.4 downgrade.

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Does it boot in OS.X fine, even though it doesn’t “bong”? If so, I personally wouldn’t worry about it. Our old 2011 iMac sometimes doesn’t bother with that chime either, and it’s runs fine, so check.

Good luck!

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The concern came from the machine I have even though I know my serial number is post capacitor plague - that's all it is.

It boots fine otherwise and I'm told I got lucky. I may try the CR2032 but it reads like a replacement so I may leave it be and deal with it since this is nothing compared to what could have been the problem.


Eh. If it's fine I don't think you should be worrying about it.


Oh no - I get what you're saying. I had concerns since the iMac G5 is also known for capacitor problems and anything that made it out okay (including mine) is hard to come by but also isn't collectible. It must be another quirk of the G5 systems and even a few Intel models.

The ones from 2007-present are 100% safe but the G5 is like playing the lottery because you just don't know without the serial number.


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