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Released in November of 2012, this laptop has a 15.6 inch LCD screen, an AMD Dual-Core Processor, and 2 GB of expandable RAM.

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Laptop turns on but does nothing.

Laptop turns on, I can hear the fan turn on for a few seconds then stops, then turns back on for a few seconds and back off. It repeats this until I hold the power button in to turn it back off. Nothing displays on the screen. I have pulled the battery held the power button in, reseated the memory card. But this did nothing. Any ideas on what could be going on?

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Hi @b23norris ,

Try connecting an external monitor to check if it shows anything during the time that the laptop is on.

If nothing it may be that it is not passing POST.

Does it behave differently if you try to start it with the RAM module removed from the laptop?


@jayeff Removing the memory the laptop turns on but no fan or anything else, just the power light turns on. Connecting to an external monitor nothing shows there either. I also took a flashlight to the screen to see if I could see any images as if the backlights went out and there is also nothing.


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Hi @b23norris ,

At least it doesn’t keep turning on and off with the RAM removed so a small step forward. ;-)

Check if the CMOS battery is OK and is not depleted. (sorry for the poor quality video but only one I could find during a quick search).

If it tests OK, just removing/replacing it may help as this should reset the BIOS back to its’ default state, in case there are any corrupted settings interfering with POST. I realize that you said that you removed the battery but I thought you meant the main battery when perhaps you actually meant the CMOS battery.

I’ve had strange things happen when trying to start PCs because the CMOS battery was dead. Worth a shot anyway

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Thank you I will be tearing into the laptop today to check the CMOS battery and report back.


@jayeff I did test the CMOS battery and it is not dead. It is a 3V battery and when tested the voltage on it it came out to 3.076V


Hi @b23norris

Are there 2 contacts under the cmos battery?

If there are try shorting them out for a few seconds, replace the battery and see if this resets the BIOS and try again. Remove the main battery before doing this

Have read that some Toshiba laptops have this so that BIOS can be reset to default, but not sure re your particular model.

Is the power light blinking or solid when you try to start without the RAM installed?

It's unusual that you don't get a POST error blink code for this, (ram missing I mean) which means that there may be a problem before it gets to POST, maybe related to the power.

Have you tried starting with the charger connected but with the main battery removed?


@jayeff I checked for the contacts to reset the cmos. I am unable to find them anywhere on the board. I tried to do a search on this laptop to see if I could find something that shows where it would be but can not find the jmos pads like every thing shows. I have looked everywhere. The model number I have is c855-5306.

The power light does not blink for anything, with memory installed or removed, or the harddrive installed or removed.

With the hard drive out the fan takes longer to start running and runs for a shorter amount of time then takes longer to come back on.

I have tried with the charger without the charger, charger with the battery in and out. No blinking lights or anything.

This is one of the reasons I am confused on what is going on.

See next comment for history of this laptop.


The Laptop on only 4 years old, the guy that bought it only bought it to look for a camper used it maybe 4 times when he found one, then put it back in the box and it sat there for about 3 years. He has since passed away, and his wife wanted to sell it. Someone told her she would not get anything out if it because it was used and had stuff on it. So she took it to Best Buy to have them remove everything on it. This was about a year ago. She never used it since. Se decided to get it out and see if she could do anything on it, and this is what happened.


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