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Blue, red or white 11" Dell Inspiron 11-3162 released on February 16, 2016.

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How do I upgrade memory.

I have recently purchased a Dell Inspiron 11-3162.

it's 32 gigs of emmc memory have filled up quickly. I would like to upgrade it.

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Is there a specific micros SD card that has to be used? I've tried plugging in my USB western passport drive and it's not compatible with ‘spaces'. I can't find anything online about ‘spaces' compatibility.



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It depends on which model you have. ALL Celeron model lacks a SATA interface, so you're stuck with the 32GB of soldered eMMC. The SATA Pentium board doesn’t have this problem, but you need to replace the board, buy your own RAM (DDR3L) and a hard drive with matching caddy. Anything will go here, but you cannot expect there to be eMMC or RAM included on these boards.

Some Pentium models include also use eMMC, which has the same issue as the Celeron board. If you absolutely need more then 32GB, sell this to the highest bidder who is okay with eMMC and soldered RAM. It will cost less to buy one with the right board then to replace yours.

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I installed a 32gb micro flash card. Moved all documents etc to it and then installed Portable apps on the card. Replaced nearly all the software with portable apps. I have 11.3 gb free and 4 browsers with lots of other software. Check out portable apps on the internet. There is a lot but you have to replace Microsoft programs with open source.


That just seems like a lot of work that's hard to justify. They should all be eMMC/SATA ready and the good board with socketed RAM and SATA compatibility shouldn't be restricted to one configuration.


I made the changes over time. If you just put the programs and files you added to the computer on the micro drive as a start you will probably be


I admit that freeing up as much space as possible on this notebook was a challenge to me


These things don't work as Windows client PC's whatsoever. They're fine for internet terminals but that's about it.

These should only be sold as Chromebooks. Windows cripples them to an inch of their life.


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emmc means it is embedded flash storage. Meaning it can not be upgraded. Your storage is soldered into the mother board.

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Your laptop's internal storage can not be upgrade because eMMC storage is soldered to the motherboard.

There are 2 alternatives however. You could either buy an external HDD or SSD that plugs in to your laptop via. USB (you can get a 1TB HDD for just over $50). You could also purchase a Micro-SD card to expand your storage as a Micro-SD card reader is already built in to your laptop.

I have the same laptop as you and I faced the same problem. I chose to buy an external 1TB HDD off of Amazon. So far it has worked very well. Here is a link to the HDD, right now it is on sale for $45.

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Often with this type of thing, the work around is to replace the wifi module with the CORRECT flash SSD card.

I don't know specifics

Possibly msata, you'd have to check the actual wifi card specs

Then use a small USB wifi/Bluetooth thumb drive to get wifi back

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