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Released on October 23, 2012. Core i5 or Core i7 Processor. Apple Fusion Drive.

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Replace fusion drive with a single SSD

I want to completely remove the fusion drive from my mac mini and install an SSD Samsung 840 EVO 1 TB. What are the hardware requirements (other than the SSD of course)?

Do I need any extra cables for example ? Is there sth else that I should be aware of? Thank you very much for the support.

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Can you explain why you want to do this?

You do understand you are down grading the amount of storage your system currently has and the setup you now have is as fast as the Samsung for booting and running most things.

Yes, having a larger sized SSD can give you slightly better performance on the things the Fusion drive has not placed on the Fusion SSD drive.

But, the real issue here is these less used files what is slowing your system? Not likely. So increasing the SSD's size in most cases won't offer any improvement here (either in a Fusion or non-Fusion setup).


If your goal is to increase the HD size at the sametime as you're short of storage space then I could see replacing both drives that make up your Fusion set (SSD & HD) you have now.

You'll need to break the Fusion set so you can copy or clone your HD data over to the new HD, then put your new HD in where the current HD is and replace the current SSD drive for your newer one (if you want a deeper fusion drive).

We work with very large CAD files and have found having a larger SSD in the Fusion drive set does help. But, everyday web surfing, writing, drawing or image editing you won't see any improvement. I could see deep video editing might benefit with a deeper Fusion SSD. But, anyone doing that kind of work is more likely to have a RAID'ed HD or SSD drive set.

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You didn't understand. I don't want to replace the 128 GB SSD drive of the fusion configuration with a larger one. I want to remove both of the drives currently installed the SSD and the HDD and install a new SSD drive 1TB in size. So the size will be the same all in one SSD.


Figured that's where you were heading here. Sorry to say, not worth the cost and effort for such little gain. That was the point in paragraph 4. A single SSD setup (your Samsung drive) Vs the current Apple Fusion drive setup.


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The chosen solution does not really detail HOW to do it, it details WHY NOT to do it.

In my case I want to do it because my 128GB SSD is slowly failing so I want to replace both drives with 1TB SSD. Any help?

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Time marches on! When I wrote this answer it made sense, I still think a dual drive config is the better answer for most than trying to squeeze down to a smaller SATA SSD that many people could afford at the time (and larger SSD's where just coming out).

Yes, you could replace your SSD with a larger unit and that will improve running apps that need more paging space. This is true when using BootCamp and running Windows apps under it. You may want to max out your systems RAM first as that will give you much better performance at a lower cost.

I'm surprised your SSD is failing I would have though the HD of your Fusion Drive set was running into trouble. Have you backed up and try reformatting your drive?


I would start off making sure your systems firmware is up to date. Follow this Apple T/N: About EFI and SMC firmware updates for Intel-based Mac computers. You want to make sure you are this listed level or newer (hint: the version number is hexadecimal).

I would also create a bootable OS installer drive (USB thumb drive). Follow this Apple T/N: Create a bootable installer for macOS as its quicker than trying to do an Internet recovery which would be required here (your recovery partition is part of the SSD on most fusion drive sets).

You'll need to break the Fusion Drive set first! Follow this: MacWorld - How to split up a Fusion Drive

The mechanics is quite simple follow this IFIXIT guide: Installing Mac Mini Late 2012 Dual Hard Drive Kit following the guide to remove your old drives you can then swap out as needed the drive/s and then reassemble.


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So, to write something productive here as a correct answer:


You should boot your Mac in recovery mode (google) and then just use the DiskUtility app to recover your fusion drive to your new target.


if you don‘t have a recovery partition, use CCC from Bombich. It‘s a 30-days trial so it should copy your fusion drive to a new single drive. But before you do that, make sure you formatted your new target drive (GUID, Journaled) and copy your Clover files to the EFI partition.

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Not so fast... Its not that simple.

The OP wants to pull both drives out so there is no recovery partition to recover from (SSD). In addition if you don't first break the Fusion Drive set you'll encounter issues if you try to reuse the HD or SSD.

But before you go down this path re-read what I wrote, there is very little gain here if the drives are healthy.


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