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Released in North America in November 2006.

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Will not turn on with red power light

I've been having issues with my Wii where the red power light is illuminated but the console will not turn on. I tried doing an AC Adapter reset and that didn't work. I checked the DC voltage and it's just over 12V like it should be. So then I followed this guide to reseat the bluetooth card but no dice. Then I read somewhere on how to do a bench test by taking one component off at a time and checking power. After resassembling the console I started over and too my behold I found that applying power after removing the optic drive made the light go from red to green. My question is, is this a safe solution to my issue? Could the red light be due to a bad optic drive?

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vinnylastella, great way of trouble shooting. I would most certainly start by replacing the optical drive and re-evaluate from there.

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Hi i think this could be more of a loose connection issue, because when you say that you have to apply pressure on the optic drive in order for the wii to work then most likely the issue is located somewhere in that area or underneath the area, so open up, check for loose connection again, and try, always triple check cheers!!

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Actually I ordered a new optic drive from just on a whim that that was the issue I was having. I got the new drive in yesterday and I installed it this morning. Everythings working again. I guess the bench test procedure I used worked out. Thanks for the input. I'm an electrician so I know the importance of repetative checking. >.<


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I wanted my power to turn on so i can play

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Hi, I am interested in this bench test procedure. Is there a resource where I could find a step-by-step instruction?

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