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Razor A Troubleshooting

The scooter feels bumpy while being ridden

A wheel is cracked or deformed

If the wheel is cracked or deformed (as in, flat in some spots), that wheel will need to be replaced. Please see our wheel replacement guide.

The handlebars are too hard or too easy to turn

Steering column need to be tightened or loosened

Please see our steering column tightening/loosening guide.

Internal bearings of steering column are clogged by debris

The scooter is most likely beyond repair. Consider contacting Razor directly.

Steering bar suddenly drops

While riding the scooter, the steering bar collapses. No matter how hard I tighten it, it won't stay in position.

The steering bar isn't tightened properly

Please see our [LINK: Guide for Tightening the Steering Columm].

The steering bar or t-tube clamp need to be replaced

At this point, tightening the clamp won't fix the problem. If the steering bar is bent or deformed, it probably needs to be replaced. However, if it is still in good condition, the problem is that the clamp is most likely broken. Determine which part(s) needs to be replaced, then see our [LINK: Razor A Teardown Guide] for help with installing the new parts.

Can't fold the scooter up

The steering column won't lock into place with the deck or into the upright position.

Folding mechanism is jammed

First, make sure that the mechanism is well-cleaned and lubricated.

If the folding mechanism appears to be working, there could be something stuck in the mechanism, keeping it locked open or closed. If possible, carefully try to dislodge any foreign materials visible in the mechanism while gently attempting to open or close the scooter. If that fails, you might need to disassemble the mechanism to clear the debris. See our [LINK: Razor A Teardown Guide] for more information.

If nothing is stuck in the mechanism, it might be broken and would require additional work.

Folding mechanism is broken

You're determined that there is nothing stuck in the mechanism, so now it's time to replace the mechanism's internals. Determine which parts need to be replaced, then see our [LINK: Razor A Teardown Guide] for help with installing the new parts.

While riding, the scooter doesn't go in the direction that I am steering

The front wheel is out of line with the steering column

Please see our front wheel straightening guide.

While riding, the scooter makes sudden, jerky stops

One or both of the wheels doesn't spin smoothly

First, spin the wheels by hand and check each for resistance. Any wheels that don't spin freely should be attended to.

Clean the outside of the wheels and bearings with a cloth, removing any visible foreign materials. If the wheels have fibers (like grass or weeds) stuck around them, you will need to pull or cut them off with pliers. Make sure that the wheel axles are lightly greased, as this will provide lubrication and prevent debris from entering the bearings in the future.

If these steps fail to correct your scooter's problems, you will have to replace the wheel bearings on the defective wheels. Please see the section dealing with replacing wheel bearings in our wheel replacement guide.

The handlebars won't stay in place no matter how much I twist them

The button on the handlebars won't click into place

Check that the buttons are working properly by pressing them into the handlebars. If they don't move, they could be jammed with some foreign material. If they aren't jammed, then the handlebars are broken and will need to be replaced.

My foot slips off the scooter

If your shoes have difficulty keeping a good grip on the deck of the scooter, it's probably because the grip tape on the deck is worn or gone.

Pressing on the brake doesn't slow down the scooter

There is a buildup of material in between brake and wheel

Clean the inside of the brake with a brush or cloth. This may require you to remove the brake from the scooter. Please see the section dealing with the brake in our [LINK: Razor A Teardown Guide].

Cannot remove handlebars from the steering column

The button on the handlebar cannot be pushed in

The button is stuck. Apply a lubricant (like WD-40) on the buttons and check them again in 15-30 minutes.

If the joint release lever is stuck, do you have to tear down the entire scooter? Could you please re-link the Razor A Teardown Guide? Thanks, C~

C_AT - Responder

My new a5 air scooter folds on me while riding.It's not about tightening up the locking knob.I have noticed that during the ride the horizontal piece that locks into position in thectwo little grooves slowly maskes it's way out on one side and the all of the sudden the scooter collapses on itself (with me on it-not a nice feeling).I wonder,Is the spring inside the mechanism not powerful enough to hold the pin in place?I'm really baffled by the whole thing as it does not seem to be a general problem.There's no reviews that talk about that or that it's a common fault.Actually I was really trying hard to find ANYTHING relating to tgis particular problem.I ‘ve come to the conclusion that I must have bought a faulty one.Anyone,anything??Thank you.

Grzegorz Tarnowiecki - Responder

My Axl is stuck… it won't come off when I try and change the wheel

Mist - Responder

My daughter's scooter got run over. It's a globber. Doesn't fold up. The handle bars shaft is bent back. I think the shaft the handlebars goes into might be bent. She says the wheel and handlebars don't match up. She's sobbing right now. She dropped it to save her little brother who was riding down the slope. Help?!!!

Jennifer - Responder

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