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Um aluno de nosso programa de educação fez este wiki. Não foi feito pelo pessoal do iFixit.

No matter what you do, you can't get your HP 7 1800 to turn on.

Before taking apart your HP 7 1800, make sure to hold down the power button for a few seconds. If you do not hear an audible click, the power button may need replacement. If you did hear a click and the device still does not turn on, read on.

By following our guide, make sure the battery is correctly installed to the motherboard. You may need a little force when inserting it to make sure all the pins are making contact with the motherboard.

First try charging the battery. If your HP 7 1800 still won't turn on, you may have a bad battery that cannot hold a charge. Use our guide to replace your battery.

It is possible that it appears nothing is happening because the display is bad. If you connect the HP 7 1800 to your computer and the computer recognizes the device, it is possible the display is bad and must be replaced.

If everything is connected properly to the motherboard and the device is still not working properly, the problem most likely lies in the motherboard. Follow our simple guide to replace the motherboard.

Your tablet turns on and appears to work (and you have the volume set to an appropriate level), but when you plug in headphones or use the built in speaker, the audio does not play properly.

Narrow the problem to the tablet by testing the plugged in headphones on another device. If the headphones work, then it is possible there is a problem with the audio jack.

First do a factory reset on the tablet to make sure the problem is not a software related issue. If that does not work, you will need to check the connection of the audio jack to the motherboard. If the audio jack connection is loose, it may need to be re-soldered. If re-soldering the audio jack did not fix the problem, you may need to replace it by following our guide.

If you do not have anything in the audio jack and sound is not working or crackling, the speaker may need to be re-soldered to the motherboard as it may have came loose. If re-soldering the the speaker does not work, you may need to replace the speaker.

Image on the tablet is distorted or pixels are burnt out.

If you notice burnt out or stuck pixels, try a pixel repair video such as this one. **WARNING: THIS VIDEO CONTAINS FLASHING LIGHTS WHICH MAY NOT BE SUITABLE FOR THOSE WITH PHOTOSENSITIVE EPILEPSY** If this does not fix the pixels, you may need to replace the display.

If you notice distortion or if you have already tried to refresh your pixels with the video without success, then you must replace the display (screen and digitizer).

If replacing the display did not work, and it is properly connected to the motherboard, your motherboard may need replacement.

No matter what you do to your tablet, and you're not wearing gloves or have dirty hands, the touch screen does not respond to touch input.

If the touch screen is not responding, the front panel (which includes the touch screen and digitizer) may need to be replaced. Use our guide for an easy way to replace the display.

If replacing the front panel does not restore touch input, and it is correctly connected, the motherboard must be replaced.

After numerous tries pressing the buttons, there is no response from the device.

If you press the buttons (volume or power) and they do not make a clicking noise, you may need to clean or replace the plastic buttons by following our guide.

Verify that the 3 black circular buttons are seated properly to the motherboard. If you press the buttons (volume or power) and they make a clicking noise, or you have already replaced them, then the motherboard may require replacement.

No matter what you do, the front facing camera does not work.

If your images turn out blurry or discolored, your lens may be broken. If after dismantling the tablet and confirming the lens is damaged, you may need to take it in for repair or use our guide to replace the camera.

If every application that uses the front facing camera force closes or the camera doesn't display an image, you may need to replace the front facing camera.

Check to make sure the camera is connected securely to the motherboard. If replacing the front facing camera does not solve the problem, you must replace the motherboard.

My HP 7 1800 will open normal apps but won't open games such as Vegas slots it force closes it immediately

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