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Estas são algumas ferramentas comuns usadas para trabalhar neste dispositivo. Talvez você não precise usar todas elas em cada procedimento.


VTech InnoTab 2s

Background and Identification

Identification of your tablet can be done by looking on the model number listed on the back of the device. Directly above the stand on the back plate, you can find the model number printed on the device.

The marked image seen below should help you locate where the model number is listed.

Block Image


Rounded Rubber Corners give the device better structural integrity since it is being handled by children who tend to be clumsy by nature.

Rotating Camera and Video Recorder allows the kids to learn how to take creative pictures and edit the photos with included software.

Pre-installed Apps include Calculator, Notepad, Calendar, E-Reader, Art Studio, Clock, MP3 Player.

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