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The VTech InnoTab 2s is a kids education tablet that teaches them to read, write, and think logically and creatively.

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Why is my screen blank when I go to the camera?

I am trying to take a picture on my device but when I open up the camera all it shows me is a blank screen. I know the device is on and working but I cant see what I am taking a picture of when the camera application is open.

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There are two likely problems for this issue. The first is that the device itself is stuck so try doing a hard reset or remove batteries and all power connectors for about 30 seconds. Put the batteries back in and try again. If this did not fix your issue the other likely problem is that the camera has become disconnected so you will have to remove your back cover and re-seat the camera cable. Go to the "Bad Pictures" section in VTech InnoTab 2s

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