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The VTech InnoTab 2s is a kids education tablet that teaches them to read, write, and think logically and creatively.

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Why is my camera not turning?

Every time I rotate the camera it feels like its rubbing against something or does not move at all. how do I fix this?

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By the sound of it, the camera itself is either out of place or a piece is broken. You can remove the back cover of the device to get access to the camera. After inspection, if no issues with the plastic of the camera seems to be present try to realign the camera within the device covers. If there are issues with the plastic or realigning the camera doesn't work, the camera will continue to rub/ be unable to move. To fix this, a replacement camera will be needed. To get access to where the camera attaches to the circuit board remove the back cover and disconnect the ribbon wire from the board. You can follow the troubleshooting page here VTech InnoTab 2s for other possible issues dealing with cameras.

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