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The Sony Cybershot DSC-W55 was released in early in the year 2007. It is upgraded with a 7.2 megapixel camera compared to the previous model's 5.1 camera and has 56mb of internal memory.

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My Lens does not focus.

My son dropped my DSC-W55 and now while focussing, I can see blurred images. But if I gently push the lens from outside, I can focus clearly. But if I try autofocus, then due to the lens movement, the lens defocuses again. I need to repeat the 'Push' action every time I need to click a picture. Can someone Help me get it resolved? I took it to the Repair centre, they wanted me to change the entire Lens unit, but I believe there should be some fix, other than replacing the unit. THANKS !!

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Would you be comfortable to disassemble your camera right down to the lens block itself?


Yep. I would be happy to disassemble if I could get it fixed. I wanted to check if there was any minor problem.


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TKS, download the service manual from here. Scroll down to Service Documents and click on the links. It will show you all the details and should help to trouble shoot. Hope this helps,good luck.

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Your camera uses several other factors when auto focusing including infrared or sonar. It sounds like when your son dropped it, You may have jarred one of these sensors. Replacing the lens is an option that i would use last.

My suggestion to you. Manually focus the lens to extend then gently wiggle it back and forth to allow it to recenter in the tube. It retracts and may have been shaken off track.

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@Gametech. Thanks .. I will try the suggested fix. But do you want me to open the Camera and do this?


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