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Repair information for the Sony Bravia 42" LCD TV. Released in 2012. Model number: KDL42EX440.

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Why is my tv screen getting black

On my TV screen coming a thick black belt and on this belt coming a white thine line

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@akshaypardeshi first we need to know the exact model of your TV. Next we need to see what your screen shows you. Next we need to know if you still have sound on your TV. This could be a bad T-con board, bad main board or even a bad panel. REmove the back from your TV after disconnecting the power cable. Remove the ribbon cables (one-by-one) and check those for tears and corrosion. Reseat them. After that you could check some voltages on your board but we need to see exactly what boards you have in your TV. Post some good pictures of your boards as well. MY prime suspect on this is the main board. followed by a failed source driver ribbon (LCD driver board)

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