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12.1" business laptop released in June 2012 by Lenovo. This laptop uses multiple product numbers, which vary based on configuration.

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How to reduce noise in lenovo thinkpad x230

how to reduce noise in lenovo thinkpad x230 although it's not hot

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Hi @eldrichcal94720

What type of noise?

It may be a noisy fan or if there's a HDD installed it may be the cause.

Here's the hardware maintenance manual for the laptop.

Go to p.82 to view how to access the fan.

If it is just dusty etc perhaps a good clean (soft brush and vacuum cleaner) will make it run quieter as the heat can be removed more efficiently. It may also be a noisy bearing in the fan. perhaps a single drop of oil in the centre hub of the fan (remove the gasket) will help.

If necessary a replacement may be required. There are 6 different fans available and they come as two groups of 3 which are interchangeable within each group but not between groups

Fan models with part # 04W6924, 04W6925 & 04W6926 are interchangeable with each other

Fan models with part # 04W6921, 04W6922 & 04W6923 are interchangeable with each other

BUT the two groups aren't interchangeable with each other.

Usually the part number is on the fan. Search online using the part number (or compatible part number) only, applicable to what is in your laptop, to find suppliers that suit you best.

If there's an SSD installed and not a HDD then the fan is the only component that has moving parts to make any noise.

If there is a HDD then check if the noise is emanating from it. If so, backup your data and replace the HDD with an SSD as the HDD may be beginning to fail. Also an SSD will improve the performance of the laptop.

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