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A water tap is a device used to control the release of water, typically from a pipe or faucet.

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The water pressure is less

So suddenly the water pressure of my tap decreased

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Hi Rooney,

Assuming it's just one tap and not the whole house, the first place to check is the aerator. That's a little filter-like device designed to break up the water stream so it doesn't splash. If your water system has a lot of minerals, they can build up over time and block the aerator from being able to pass water through.

Bob Vila (you know Bob Vila - everybody knows Bob Vila!) has a nice little article on cleaning your aerator here.

How to Clean a Faucet Aerator - Bob Vila

Once that's done, come on back and tell us what happened. Did it get better, or are you still having the problem even without the aerator installed? Is it particular to the hot or the cold line, or both?

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I'm having trouble with my hot water taps, in the bathroom and kitchen. when turned on the water comes out so slowly i have to wait for ages before the hot water finally comes through. Is there an easy fix?



Are they individual taps having their own spout, individual taps sharing a common spout or flick mixer type taps

How far away from the hot water storage tank are the taps i.e. are they at the other end of the premises away from the storage tank meaning it takes longer for the water to get there?

What is the cold water pressure like from the taps in the bathroom and kitchen?

What is the hot pressure like in other parts of the house e.g. laundry, ensuite etc?

What type of hot water system is installed?


Thanks for your reply, they are individual taps, the hot water storage is just outside the window nearest the kitchen hot water tap, the bathroom tap is not much further away. the cold water taps are fine. it's an electric hot water system installed 7yrs ago. the taps do not have an aerator fitted.



If the hot water pressure is OK at other hot taps in the premises, bar the kitchen and bathroom, you may have to turn off the cold water supply at the water mains tap where it enters the property and then also shut off the hot water outlet tap at the hot water system or whewrever it is located.

Next open the hot tap at the kitchen and the bathroom to let any water in the pipes drain and then, once it has drained, remove the hot water tap handles in the kitchen and bathroom so that you can remove the tap spindle to gain access to the washer that is normally used to stop the flow of water when a tap is closed, to check if it is OK and not worn or deformed in any way or if there is any debris lodged there, preventing the water from flowing properly.

Here's a link that explains how to replace a tap washer better than I can.

If the hot water pressure is no good in any other hot water taps in the premises also (you never said) there may be a problem with the hot water system outlet tap or valve etc, or whatever the hot water outlet pipe from the system is connected to, to get to the hot water pipes throughout the premises.

If you find the problem, once you have fixed it make sure that all the taps (both hot and cold) are closed and then open the mains cold water tap, then go and open a cold tap and make sure that the water comes out OK, i.e no spluttering etc. Once the cold is OK open the hot water system outlet tap and then do the same "slowly" open a hot tap and beware of spluttering etc, especially in the kitchen and bathroom as the water will be expelling the air from the hot pipes that had been drained.

I mentioned the cold first because it is not unknown for people to inadvertently open both taps, hot and cold when replacing washers etc ;-)


Thank you very much for this explanation, It must have taken you ages, this sounds like a "fix".

I have friends staying at the moment so will have to attemp your suggestion in the morning, I'll let you know how I go.


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