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The Asus BW-16D1X-U is a Blu-ray disc drive that capable of writing to 16X BD-R format. The drive features USB 3.0B and DXL support that allows the maximum data storage 128 GB in one disc.

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Blu-ray disk is really stuck in external USB disk burner

Hello again iFixit community. I've come to you all once again in a time of need. I am also posting on behalf of a friend of mine, and I don't have the device immediately in front of me, but any advice that can be given would be greatly appreciated.

The Problem

I have a disk that is "really stuck", and potentially physically jammed inside the drive. Attempting to eject the disk from the computer was unsuccessful in removing the disk, and is only resulting in a grinding sound. (I don't have audio yet, but will update once I have my hands on the drive.)

Troubleshooting Steps Attempted so Far

I don't have the drive with me, and as a result I am unable to conduct the normal troubleshooting steps myself, but we have attempted ejecting the disk from the computer, and using the Emergency Eject Pin-hole with minimal success.

Any help is always greatly appreciated.

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Hi @jmehnert,

I think the only way would be to open the dvd case and try to disassemble the device up to a point where the disc can be removed without causing any damage


Hey @jayeff, yes this is an external USB DVD drive as selected. I just updated the question to add that information. I was hoping that disassembly might be avoided, but if it needs to be done I'll try and look for a disassembly guide.



I checked on YouTube but there were only a few "review" type videos for the drive, no teardowns.

You may be the first! ;-)


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Solução escolhida

Hey all, I finally got my hands on the burner. I wasn't able to take photos like I was hoping, but I was able to successfully extract the disk via disassembly and saved the burner. Nothing internally was damaged thankfully, and it just seemed that the disk was put in weirdly, and caused it to jam.

The actual disassembly process was very simple two. There are two screws hidden underneath the rear rubber feet, three screws that hold the metal shroud that protects the USB converter PCB, and four screws that hold the burner assembly together.

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Hi. How exactly did it come apart? I got the rear rubber feet off and removed the screws, but stumped as to what comes next. Nothing budges. My drive is recognized by my PC, but it’s not detecting discs. The blue diamond light is lit, but the little front blue drive read light is not lighting on the enclosure. Wondering if it’s a loose SATA connection between the drive and enclosure? Thank you.


@scapefromne1241 If memory serves me correctly their was five screws that were on the bottom of the drive. Four underneath each foot, and one other underneath a sticker. The whole assembly is suppose to come off afterwards, but be carful because there is a cable that connects the light to the reset of the board.


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