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A water tap is a device used to control the release of water, typically from a pipe or faucet.

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toilet faucet dripping water

How do I fix a toilet faucet?

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Some leaking washerless faucets can be disassembled to replace worn parts. Discontinued faucets may have universal replacement parts. Dissembling and identifying what's worn or if you're fortunate, deposits built up and created leaks may be descaled carefully with a tools to restore this faucet back to normal. Last option is replacing it altogether. O-rings may be replaced and lubed with potable water safe silicone grease. Older faucets with separate hot/cold valves use replaceable washers.


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Is it dripping inside the cistern, leaking into the toilet pan from the cistern or is the water supply faucet to the cistern dripping?

If it is dripping into the cistern or leaking into the toilet pan, what is the make and model name of the toilet suite?

If it is the toilet faucet, turn off the main water supply faucet to the premises, open another cold water faucet in the premises to drain the pipes and then replace the washer in the toilet faucet

Update (02/20/2023)


With some cisterns if the inlet float valve fails to shut off the water at the correct level, the cistern will overflow through the outlet valve and drain into the toilet pan and not overflow out through the lid. Check the level of the water in the cistern to make sure that it is not over full before proceeding further.

Turn off the water faucet to the cistern and then flush the toilet.

If it is over full, once the cistern is empty and not filling, check the inlet float valve or float valve washer.

If the water level was OK once the cistern is empty and not filling, check if the outlet flush valve or valve washer is OK etc.

Here's a diagram that shows how it may look but maybe not.

In general they all work very much the same way.

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hi Jayeff

its leaking into the toilet pan causing water loss

and its a old unknown model unfortunettly


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