Tv showing green light

My tv illumination led shows green light when tv is turned off and it doesn't take any remote signals, i tried multiple remote controllers, what's wrong?

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Do the physical buttons on the TV work?


@ezioboizz what is the complete model number for your TV? Besides the power light turning green, what does it do? What did it do before? What have you tried to fix it? What have you checked?


Yes physical buttons on tv work i don't know the exact model but it's an old Bravia smart tv (not Android) and i turned off the power for 5 minutes now the green light is gone but no remote controllers work and before it was showing a blinking red light which blinked like 4 or 5 times everytime i tried to open the tv



The model number should be printed on the product label on the back of the TV.

So just verifying that the TV works OK using the TV control buttons, just not when using the remote, is this correct?

have you checked that the batteries in the remote are OK? Try changing them perhaps, if only to eliminate the batteries in the remote as the problem


It's very weird it's not connected to my wifi and the buttons don't work correctly like pressing volume minus makes it go plus and when i try to go down in the menu it just closes the menu and yea batteries are ok and strange thing is that when i tried to use the screen mirror feature it said wireless usb disconnected something like that and disabled the feature so there's definately something wrong


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