My camera does not focus

My camera does not focus. When I try to take a picture, things look very blur on the LCD screen. I cleaned the lens; however, that did not fix the problem. Interestingly, it appears that only when trying to take a picture of an object that is located very close to the lens, it will focus. Otherwise, it does not. It was working before, and I wonder what the cause is. Does anyone have an idea on what is going on? Thank you.

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Are you sure your lighting is adequate? Sometimes poor lighting can impact the focus mechanism on these auto focus cameras.


Thank you for the response. Kris. Yes, it has enough light. Well, this is my second camera. I had the exact same model before, but it got the same problem, and I got the second one. The first one was working properly for many years, but after I used the camera intensively in the lab, it got the problem with focusing. As for the second one, which I currently have, after taking a lot of pictures for another lab, it got the same problem with focusing. In the lab, every time I take a picture, I had to wash my hand before using the camera, so I believe maybe water molecules, etc. caused the problem. Although I dried my hand, maybe it was not completely dry…. And it was used frequently in the fast-paced environment, so it is hard to manage. Maybe that caused the problem, and damaged the camera?


@jeanblue, That sounds like it could do it. If you're using it more than normal use, it's possible the focusing mechanism is having trouble engaging. I found another Answer with the same problem. Maybe these trouble-shooting tips could help?

My Lens does not focus.


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