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Repair guides and manuals for the Craftsman Chain Saw 358356332 2018.

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Why is the engine heat and stop

Why the chainsaw engine heat and automatically off

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Hi Arvind Kumar Kumar,

2 stroke engines (that are found on chainsaws and a lot of small engine equipment), needs the carburetor tuned to the right air / fuel mixture. If it runs lean (too much air, not enough fuel) makes it run hot, and that is a chainsaw killer!
If it gets too much fuel, and not enough air; It's called running rich. This will result in drastic loss of power, parts will have lots of carbon build up and the spark arrestor screen (found in the muffler) will clog up and the chainsaw will not run.

Also remember that chainsaws are 2 stroke (which means that 2 stroke oil has to be mixed into the gas before filling the tank on the chainsaw). This is what lubricated the parts inside the engine. Piston, cylinder, rings, etc. Todays standard (if using good quality oil) is to mix 50 parts fuel to 1 part oil. If you're unsure of how to do this, I highly suggest buying ready mixed 2 stroke (also called 2 cycle) gas.

If you're using gas from the pump, it needs to be at least 95 octane and if you can get it, 0% ethanol added!
Ethanol added to fuel destroys small engine equipment.

Note: One simpler (and possible) cause of engine heating, is running it with a dull and unsharpened chain.
The chainsaws are only meant to be ran WOT (Wide Open Throttle / full throttle) when cutting, and with a freshly sharpened chain. This is because of the resistance in the wood that you're cutting. Dull chains will cause it to get far too little resistance, making it rev too high and overheat.

All chainsaw engine manufacturers have their settings, but a good target is right around 12-13.000 RPM at WOT (with no load).
You would need a tachometer to adjust this, they can be found plentiful on eBay / Amazon. (Don't get the cheapest one. You get what you pay for.) My personal one is Stihl EDT 9 (which is ~$110-130 + shipping.

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Arvind Kumar Kumar make sure you have cleaned the chain saw housing to allow for proper airflow. It all needs to be cleaned so that you do have airflow. After that you have to make sure that you have enough bar oil and that you are running the right fuel/oil mix. Make sure that you have the right chain for your cuts.

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