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The most popular option to light large areas of buildings. They come in a variety of connection types and power ratings.

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Why 32 watt bulbs will not work?

I have 48” fluorescent fixtures in my kitchen and I assume they are identical recessed fixtures since they came with the house. I have 32 watt fluorescent bulbs in one fixture that work fine, but in the other fixture it will not work unless I install 40 watt bulbs. Is the ballast going bad???

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@ifixit2021 both the 32W and 40W are of the same type i.e. (T8-T12 etc.)of fluorescent bulb?


No the 32 watt is the smaller 1" T8 and the 40 watt are the larger 1.5" T!2.


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@ifixit2021 you may run into the issues where a T12 primarily run off a magnetic ballasts and T8 bulbs operate on electronic ballasts. Try another T12 and see if that works or change the ballasts to the T8 type.

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So I put T12 bulbs in both fixtures and they work. I guess because someone in the past may have replaced the ballast in one fixture T8 bulbs will not work. Unless if it's possible the ballast in one fixture will not accept less than 40 watt bulbs. The T8's are 32 watt


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