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Model numbers JSN-L21 and JSN-L42.

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Display glitching out, but phone still usable

When I unlock the phone, the display starts ‘glitching’, as if an overlaid, transparent copy of the current screen is scrolling over the display. Sometimes it stops soon after unlocking, sometimes it doesn’t. I can still interact with the phone as normal, but I was wondering how much this might cost to repair? I’m assuming replacing the whole LCD screen is expensive.

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cyber pie118 “how much this might cost to repair? “ is not really a good question on here. It will not be objective but always subjective and can lead to a lot of SPAM. iFIXIT is here to empower you to do your own repair. In your case I suggest that you use something like this video for a guide. You can check places like this and many others for replacement. Once you start working on your phone, go ahead and create a guide. That way others that have the same issue, will have it easier.

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