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Repair guides and support for tablets made by Hipstreet. These tablets run on the Android OS.

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Whch charger for hipstreet pilot.(quite old)

Anyone know actual size for hipstreet pilot 10”. Its few yrs old and us a thin round charger with a yellow tip if this makes a difference. Mine has snapped. Just wondered size before i buy wrong thing. Thanks

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Here’s a link to a supplier of the charger.

It shows that the charger has a 5V DC / 2A output with the plug size of 2.5mm. (this is the inner diameter measurement, the outer diameter is 5.5mm)

Check electronics stores in your location for plugpack adapters having the same specifications. The voltage/current output specifications should be printed on the adapter. You may have to verify the plug size as there is a similar looking plug with a size of 2.1mm that is often confused with it (2.1mm inner diameter and 5.5mm outer diameter)

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