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New light only turns on when I tap the bulb -RESOLVED

I installed a new 4 foot, 2 lamp fixture. I installed new bulbs with the power on and they lit up. Great, I thought and turned it (and the other fixures) off with the switch. Problem is, the new fixture won't turn ON with the switch. The others do. If I lightly tap the new bulbs it'll light up. What am I doing wrong.

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@augustine01 try to reset the bulbs first


Thank you. I've tried that several times but doesn't seem to help.


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Do you only have to tap one tube for both the lights to turn on and if so is it either tube or always the same one?

In any event since it is new, return for a refund or replacement as opening the fitting will void the warranty.

Pain I know but it may prevent frustrations or problems in the future if you have a fitting that worked properly from the get go.

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It's just one tube. But yes, you're right. I'm giving up on it. Thanks for the help!


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