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A multi-function laptop in the, now discontinued, L640 series by Toshiba.

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Replacing the LCD Screen?

Does anyone know of a guide to replacing the LCD screen on a Toshiba Satellite L645D-S4056?


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If it is not on here you might have a tough time finding one. You could check youtube.


One day, when I put up my TOSHIBA Satellite, I later took it down, and the screen was DESTROYED. Almost all of the screen displayed white, red, etc. vertical bars, and there was a portion of the left side undamaged on the top portion, but the bottom was basically a green copy of the top half the time, otherwise still green, but displaying the correct graphics.


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Here is the service manual for the Toshiba Personal Computer Satellite L600D/L640D/L645D. Page 4-26 will show you how to remove it. good Luck


Link reinstated

Since you had asked for a guide, I had left the link for the upload. Due to heavy traffic I have to turn of sharing for some of the files. Apparently, a "great many of" my"answers are useless" I figured I might as well tell you what it says in the manual " Removing the display assembly

The following describes the procedure for removing the display assembly

1.Close the display and turn the computer upside down.

2.Remove the battery pack

3.Open RAM Door and remove memory slot cover

4.Remove the screws of the ODD and ODD Bezel.

5.Remove the screws from the bottom side.

5.Disassemble KB Holder and KB screws

6.Remove the screws from the top side and remove the cover.

7.Disconnect the FFC and cables.

8.Disassembly TOP cover assembly

9.Pull out the wireless LAN antenna from the guide with two hands.

10.Pull out the LCD cables from the guide of mother board.

11.Pull out the LCD cables from the guide of LCD panel.

Opening the display to 135degree, keeping display side by hand and remove the hinge screw.

12.Remove the display assembly with two hands holding from the BASE cover assembly."

This way, if you can not get to the manual, at least you know what it says. Hope this helps, good luck.

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Seems that the link is dead....

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nope, nothing is ever really dead:-) All you had to do was contact me by email, I would have given you a new link :-) Can't have terabytes stored on line :-) here it is good luck.


Rarely do your links last a week OT3. That is not repeatable information. I am not being negative - just stating a fact. You have many wonderful answers that refer to hard to find or obtain material in your answers that require someone to be at your mercy to provide new links after you have killed the link. I don't believe you do this with intent as you mention limitations on storage space, you may consider changing where your files are stored to eliminate this problem. A great many of your answers are useless without usable links to the material you provided in the original post as an answer.


It is not just the storage that creates a problem. That is actually the least of the problems. The bigger problem is the traffic. Most storage places limit the bandwidth, and with an average of over 200 downloads a week, I often exceed that limit. I am now in the process of providing my own file server and hopefully within the next few weeks I will have this resolved. So if anybody has any problems downloading any of the manuals due to a dead link, and if anybody else should notice that, do feel free to send me a quick email and I will send the manual. Hope this helps. August 19 until December 10 is a bit more than a week.


OT I have plenty of machines and would be happy to set up a mirror site with you to help share the burden. Please email me and let me know what you think


@OT that is very generous of you and a wonderful thing to hear. I have downloaded a number of the service manuals you have provided others for future reference. I think it is very kind of you to take the time to provide them. Are you setting up an FTP server? @mayer that is very generous of you and a kind gesture.


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