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Essick Pedestal Humidiers can be recognized by their table-top furniture design.

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Essick Pedestal Humidifier Broken Caster Repair

I have an Essick Pedestal Humidifier and one of the casters got broken. I looked at the bottom and it looks like the plastic that houses the caster's leg part is broken and the broken plastic piece is still on the caster's leg. How do I put it back together and make it strong? The humidifier gets about 4 gallons of water when it's in use and itself is another 10 lbs so it needs to be strong enough to carry a load of 40 lbs or so. What material should I use and how should I put it back together. Pls see the pictures. Thank you all in advance for your suggestions.

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You could try contacting the manufacturer and ask if the base of the frame is available as a spare part but I don’t like your chances of there being one ;-)

I don’t think that by gluing the castor back into place that any glue even epoxy resins - example only will be strong enough to last, especially if you’re moving the humidifier on the castors.

If the castor has a threaded spindle screwed into the plastic and is not a force fit I suggest that you fabricate a bracket and bolt the castor to the bracket with a nut either side of the bracket.

Here’s a very rough outline of what I mean.

Block Image

(click on image to enlarge for better viewing

The red triangle is of a suitable gauge metal and is screwed to the frame.

The hole in the bracket for the castor spindle is just big enough (tight fit) for the spindle to pass through. A washer and nut are placed on the spindle thread either side of the bracket and tightened to suit.

Just what I’d try

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