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Connect to iTunes if motherboard damaged by screws? BACKLIGHT ISSUE


I admit I may have damaged an iPhone 6 motherboard by mistakenly placing a slightly longer screw there at the display cable shield (after replacing the display). There is no display function at all. But I know the phone is still alive as pressing the power & home buttons (saved original home button) will cause the phone to vibrate. Even with the possible damage should the phone be recognized by iTunes when connected to my computer? I just want the owner to be able to download their data.


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There is many issues that you have to insert password and trust to connect.Yes PC detect the phone but you can`t enter password,So i think without solving the long screw you can`t connect to PC anymore.

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OK… Thanks for your response.

Would using a 1.65mm screw in place of a 1.2mm result in the damage? From just and extra 0.4mm? Is it possible to remove the screw post to repair a trace in the board? I have made SMD circuit boards and have a hot air rework station to use. Any other suggestions to save the phone?


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I now realize the LCD/Display is working, it is the back-light that is not. No motherboards damage due to the screws! Now on to how to fix the back-light problem.


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