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The Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 4-1470 Model Name: 80SA , manufactured in 2016, features a 14 inch touch screen display which folds around 360 degrees to be used like a tablet.

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After a fall the computer does nothing...

My daughter knocked her laptop off the bed and it hit the floor. I know, I know…

But it happens. Right?

Now when we try to turn it on the power button lights up a few seconds but then goes off. When we attempt to charge, the LED charging light lights up as if charging, but the computer won't come on at all. The screen does nothing. The computer does nothing. Hard reset does nothing….. My husband looked inside and thinks the i/o board is possibly the problem. What would the symptoms be? Do you have any suggestions as to what the problem is and how we can fix this?

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Try re-seating your memory. Also, when you are doing this, remove the memory and turn the laptop on to see if it beeps. If it does, then simply put the memory back in, after removing the power. If it does not beep, then it could very well be your motherboard. Secondly, you might try removing the hard drive( if applicable) and memory. Power the unit up to see if it responds to no memory. If it does, put just the memory back in and see it you get the “Lenovo” logo. If you do, power it down and put the hard drive back in. Try booting it again. If it does not come up with logo then your hard drive is bad and simply needs to be replaced.

Hope this helps.

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