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Repair guides and support for tablets made by Hipstreet. These tablets run on the Android OS.

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Flare 2 tablet is Frozen

All I get is an error message saying “ unfortunately launcher has stopped” with an OK button beneath it. But if I hit the okay button the message just keeps popping up. I tried using the pinhole reset button at the back but that didn't work either. How do you do a factory reset on this tablet?

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I also have a hipstreet flare 2 that's it's frozen on A2 and not moving I use the reboot button at the back but it just shuts off please reply to my email address what to do

Thank you cuz I really love this tablet


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Try the following to perform a hard reset(or factory reset):

Be aware that a hard reset will restore the tablet to its’ factory default condition. It will erase all your data and downloaded apps

Turn off the tablet, then hold both the Power and Volume + buttons for 10 seconds.

When the Recovery menu appears, release the buttons and then using the Volume buttons to select and the Power button to enter choose wipe data/factory reset. Then choose Yes - delete all user data option. Then choose the reboot option.

Be patient it takes a little while for the reset to complete

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Where is the power button there seems to be two such buttons



You linked the user manual for an Epson scanner.

This thread is about a Hipstreet Flare 2 Android tablet so the Chosen Solution above is not relevant to your device.



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