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Repair guides and support for the laptop/tablet hybrid in the Toshiba Satellite Radius series.

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location of the bios jumper in my SATELLITE P55W-C5200X

i have a satellite P55W-C5200X and can’t find where the bios jumper is located

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Do you have any Bios problem and you need to factory reset it??


Yes I tried start holding 0 but nothing I lost the bios password and no way to get into the computer


So, could you explain the whole problem of your computer.


Are you sure there is a BIOS jumper?[br]


On most computers, if you remove all power, and then you remove the CMOS battery for a few minutes, the power on password will be cleared.


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this does not hold true for laptops build within the last 10years. No longer will passwords be erased by removing any battery. Passwords etc., are now stored in IC’s on the motherboard. No jumper setting, no battery removal will clear this. You can try and contact Toshiba to help you recover the BIOS password. Post some good pictures of your motehrboard with your question. that will allow us to see what you see and we may identify certain things for you Adding images to an existing question

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