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This page will help you diagnose specific problems with a Lenovo Edge Thinkpad E431. Although recently released by Lenovo in 2013, please note that this version has been discontinued.

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Why does my Battery die so fast?

My fully charged battery dies after thirty minutes of use and the laptop is only using google chrome.

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Hi @nbehan ,

It may be that the battery is failing to hold its' charge and may have to be replaced.

The laptop was first released in mid 2013, so if it is an original battery, getting nearly up to 5 years of use is good going.

Even rechargeable batteries have a lifespan.

Here is a link to the service manual for your laptop. Scroll to p.32 to view how to test the battery, using a DMM's (Digital MultiMeter), Voltmeter and Ohmmeter functions

Here is a link to suppliers of replacement batteries. It is not a recommendation to use any of them. It is shown to give an idea of the cost of the part. There may be other suppliers that suit you better. Just search for Lenovo Edge Thinkpad E431 battery to get results

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