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Versão maior do Nintendo DSi, lançada em março de 2010 na América do Norte. A maioria dos reparos é realizada apenas com uma chave de fenda e ferramentas de abertura.

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Orange light flashing when plugged in

ok so i got a DSI XL SMB 25 anniversary edition from my landloard because his kids havent played it in years

so i brought it home make my own charger for it, of course the pins are so tiny and close together ive had the wires touch eachother while it was charging but fixed it right away,

When i try to power it the blue power light comes on for 1 milisecond then turns out and the charging light keeps blinking,

i have removed the battery and plugged it in and the charging light still blinks

i dont think i fried anything in the mother board but i dont have a tiny screw driver to take the whole thing apart to test things,

but now i have the right charger and its still blinking away with AND without the battery installed any one know how to fix this?

and the battery will still power a fan so the battery works, is this the motherboard prob?

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If you managed to touch the two charging cables with the console plugged it, then it is likely that you blew a fuse on the motherboard. You will have to take your console apart to verify this.

Follow this guide until step 10 to get to the motherboard. Then check for any missing/ burnt components near the charging port.

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ok thank you, can i leave this question sitting till i order a new battery that comes with the right screw driver?

i had to use a bobby pin to take the battery cover off

but if this is the prob, and not the bat, ill come back to this after i have checked it out


This was NOT the answer i got my new motherboard today and the gameboy still flashes orange light while plugged in, and no turn on......


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Dont know but most likly fuse you can take it apart and put little tinful on fuse and check

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probably means that your ds needs a new battery or the capacitors are dusty or broken, I tested this out by taking out the battery while it's charging and shows this. it doesn't turn on until I put in the battery again.

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