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The OP-1 is a portable music workstation incorporating a synthesizer, sampler, sequencer, multitrack recorder, drum machine, mixer, and controller. It was released in 2011.

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Why is my OP-1 not turning on?

I have been storing my OP-1 and using it since 2013. The other week it stopped turning on; currently, when I flip the power switch, I hear the power get to the speaker but the screen does not glow at all. Is this a screen issue, ui issue, or is it something else? It has turned on previously but it only works after I perform a firmware update or sparingly at any other time.

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Hello @amccaw1590 , Have you found a fix?

Mine stopped working yesterday night. I thought it was because the battery was empty but when I connected it to my laptop nothing happened.

I hear the power get to the speaker but same, the screen remains black.

I didn't upgrade the firmware. Just use it and then it stopped working :(

I tried to reset the factory settings but didn't work.

Any idea how to fix it?


Were you able to fix this?


Hey, has anyone been able to resolve this issue or find a place to diagnose and repair the problem?


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I’ve had this problem as well. I was able to fix using the instructions here:

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It has happened a couple times to me and has required a firmware update both times

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How did you update the fw if it doesnt turn on?


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