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How to determine SATA controller revision in Windows.

Short and sweet: how do I know how fast the SATA interface will be from windows (10). I'm not talking about the HDD.

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@pccheese I'd start with a good benchmark program to get that information. You probably already know that there are two factors that determine the speed: the interface/controller and the device i.e. HDD. Try HWiNFO or SiSoftware Sandra. If you use HWINFO, navigate in the device tree to Bus > PCI Bus #0. Under PCI Bus #0, click on the SATA AHCI Controller device. Details about the controller will dhoe in a pane that you can then scroll through to find a heading "SATA Host Controller" with the Interface Speed Supported

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Thanks oldturkey03. I found that it is sata I. The theoretical speed of SATA is about 180 MB/s, but the real speed is around 150. Do you think an SSD will do any good if it's throttled down by the interface?

I've narrowed it down to two:

This crazy fast HDD:

Or my favorite SATA SSD:

Thanks again.


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