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How to stop shutdown error

This is a Dell Precision M90 laptop with nVidia Quadro display chip, 17 "monitor, well cooled intel core 2 duo 2.17GB T7400 cpu, 2 Gigs ram, a clean 120GB WD HD, all devices have current drivers except for 2 unknown "base system devices" that show yellow exclamation in device manager and cannot find drivers for.

Using Windows 7 Professional.

System runs very well except at shutdown.

Shutdown process indicates (I turned on verbose reporting to see what was going on) when Group Policy Client services are being shut down this error stops the process:

Block Image



Clicking on OK allows the shutdown process to finish.

Is this a secret windows update installation attempt that has gone wrong?

Any leads would be appreciated.



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Hi, Have you checked 'event viewer' for any relevant problems? Have you tried shutting down in 'safe mode' to see if it hangs?


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Well this is your computer trying to update but as it's saying it's missing a file the way to fix that would be to backup your folders on a hard drive and put a windows instalasipn disk in and it installs windows again and it has the updates already on it so your computer is good as new

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This model will run only effectively 32 bits WINDOWS. I have one and Win7 do not install .NET last versions (need 64bits) and this message appeared for me after I tried some drivers finding-update programs that had the .NET and 64bit problem. Forget them, those drivers programs. Go to dell site and install the drivers you find there for VISTA in WIN7, some will not work but there is nothing you can do … There is no drivers for WIN7 and U have to try Vista drivers in compatibillity mode.

In WIN7 I could not have sound drivers (at least the p2 jack flaws) but an USB sound adapter (US$3) will solve better the problem (no old p2 malcontact). You can have Video drivers from nVidia (the nVidia updater installs it).

With a SSD it is quite fast for an old Dell. The video is better than most notebooks!!

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