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Spare Part Number? 17" LCD Display 1920x1200


i tryed to replace my LP171WU1 (TL)(B1) Display with the Model LP171WU1 (A4).

After i installed it only Windows 7 via Bookcamp was able to boot. Snow Leo wont come up. It hangs at the grey boot apple symbol. The Original System Snow Leo DVD wont boot too. Can you tell me the Display LCD Part Number i can install for the Original LP171WU1 (TL)(B1) which was installed in my MBP C2D 2,4 17" MA897LL/A

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I had the same problem replacing the LP171WU1 (TL)(B1) with a LP171WU1(TL) (A3). The seller suggested resetting the PRAM. Did you try this? I had not, and I reinstalled my original (which seems to have lost brightness over the years).


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Unfortunately, Apple decided to make the display assembly for this model all one part, so part numbers for individual display components are very difficult to come across. Sorry!

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list of matte screens

lp171wu1 (xx) (xx) --- (xx) (xx) = the codes below......

(a1) (a4)

(a4) (k3)? - matte i've seen it - doesn't work

(tl) (a3)

(tl) (a6)

(tl) (b1) - this is what's in the laptop and works great. NOTE: this works fine on a 15" powerbook at 1920x1200 as well. while the a4 k3 has distorted picture issues.


(tl) (a1)

(tl) (b1)

List of glossy! (can't use if High gloss! Dull is ok.)

lp171wu1 (xx) (xx) --- (xx) (xx) = the codes below......

(a4) (k2)

(a4) (k4)

(a4) (k5)

(a4) (k6)

(tl) (a1)

(tl) (a2)

(tl) (a5)

(tl) (a7)

(tl) (b2)


(tl) (a2)?

(tl) (a3)?

(tl) (b3)

taken from the following website...

Replacement Screen compatibility with lp171wu1 (tl)(b1)

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