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Echo SRM-225 Trimmer. This model replaced the SRM-210. The most common repairs for this device are straight forward and can be done quickly.

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engine dies when throttle applied

Why does my engine snuff out when I apply the throttle

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Possibility it may have old gas or some water in fuel.change in-tank filter and adjust mixture jet located (opposite side of throttle cable a hole with small flat head screw). Play with it a quarter turn in either direction to see any changes.our echo techs say they call it bubbling. A unique sound youll know right away when you get it adjusted right. Do this at idle. If the adjustment brings the idle up no worries turn down the idle screw at the top of carb.good luck

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Dies out when throttle is applied

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I have had this problem too. Mine was too much carbon build up. I took the muffler off and used a propane torch to clean the screen and the inside of the muffler.

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