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The Pentax K200D is a 10.2-megapixel digital single-lens reflex camera released in January 2008 with the higher-end K20D camera. It was discontinued in December 2008, making it one of the shortest-lived DSLR cameras.

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battery power indicator flashing outline only

When switching on, battery indicator flashes with outline only, camera not operating. Same thing with new batteries.

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In the past I have found that you could clean the battery terminals, both at the bottom of the battery bay and on the battery lid with lighter fluid and a cotton swab and get the camera up and running, but the cleaning fluid needs to be lighter fluid as alcohol didn't do the trick for me ... AND the type of battery is pretty critical too, as regular alkaline batteries do not have sufficient current to do the job, I use the Energizer Ultimate Lithium battery and coat the ends with dielectric grease (just a dab/small amount) ... I have had some success using this described method ... thank you, good luck ... Jim Nickerson, Pentax user and repairer ... 8)

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Had the same issue. Read the article here and went to Normans camera shop here in Michigan looking for rechargeable Lithium batteries as I cannot afford $22 for a throw-away set to capture 80 photos. They sold me a set of 4 AA rechargeable batteries called eneloop from Panasonic. I purchased one with a charger UPC 0-73096-90214-5 and another package of 4 AA without a charger UPC 0-73096-90201-5.

So far so good. Filled one 1 SD card with flash on and the batteries are 1/2 charged.

I just bought this used camera from a private party and I thought I got ripped off.

I did not try the dielectric grease Jim Nickerson suggested, however I will once I obtain some. Tom


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