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The CyberHome CH-DVD 300 is a 480p progressive-scan DVD player that is able to play DVDs, MP3s, and CDs.

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Why is the disc tray not ejecting?

The DVD player is on but when I press the 'Eject' button nothing happens.

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The disk tray is not ejecting because the motor may be damaged. Also, the disk tray may be off track from the mechanism that allows it to slide forward and backwards. For more information, refer to CyberHome CH-DVD 300 Troubleshooting

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It's complicated to tell you but I found the tray won't open because the motor metal center is attracted more over time to the magnet piece in the top part that keeps the disc from spinning off, What to do is you take off the cross plate and you cut out a round piece of masking tape to put on the motor center, so that it is covered, then you put the cross plate back on to test if the tray will open. Add another layer of tape to lesson the magnetic pull, so the motor can drop down and the tray will open.

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