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Aspire 5315 Series features Intel Celeron mobile processor and Mobile Intel GL960 Express Chipset

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Bios fail after update

The bios update fail and now my computer stay off after push the power button.

What do i do? Thanks

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kris, try to recover the BIOS with a USB drive. Follow this:"


FORMAT A USB THUMB DRIVE use FAT, or FAT16 as the file structure when you format it!

use a small capacity thumbdrive if possible,, large thumb drives may require FAT32 to format properly(and no floppy ever required FAT32 so that might cause the recovery to fail)

then put this file ON THE BLANK THUMB DRIVE

ICL50HW.fd (important FILE from the actual CRYSIS FLOPPY DISK IMAGE)

download and copy it to the formatted thumb DRIVE

go to the 5315,

(1.) REMOVE CD or DVD if possible (you may have to press the power button the quickly press the CD EJECT button)

(2.) REMOVE ALL USB DEVICES, NETWORK CABLES, (anything hooked to the laptop)

(3.) PRESS AND HOLD the POWER BUTTON DOWN FOR 5 secs to shutdown the laptop



(6.) PUT the USB THUMB DRIVE IN USB SLOT ON RIGHT SIDE OF LAPTOP (the one i used anyway)

(7.) PRESS AND HOLD the POWER BUTTON down for 10 secs... release

(8.) while holding FN + ESC plug in AC POWER CABLE, (KEEP HOLDING FN+ESC the whole time)


(10.) eventually the fan will shut off.... (seemed like 30 seconds, but could have been 5 minutes.)

when fan shuts off i unplugged my AC CORD... REMOVED THE USB DRIVE, and then plugged the AC power back in,

then pressed power and my the miracle of technology and my perseverance... i got a green power light followed by an ACER POST SCREEN!!!

(BIOS VERSION IS GOING TO BE OLD AND TIME IS WAY OFF)... but atl east it should boot..

time to winflash back to 1.43

BTW when using WINFLASH exit all programs, kill all tasks in taskbar. (i never do, but it's a good habit to be in). Instructions from here. Hope this helps, good luck.

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can i use this method in every acer laptop. I have acer aspire g5 573 core i7 7th gen. I have the same problem. Can you tell me that is this going to work? and can you tell me is that same downloadble file to every acer laptop. Thank you. big help


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Please download the BIOS update from the manufacturer supplier computer very importan.When you have the BIOS update so do the follow:

a) open the computer and disconnect the small battery for 3V, by 1 minute.

b) then connect again.

c) and discharge the BIOS update and follow the step,

and try it, must fix it.

God bless you

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you should buy new bios again bro...

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