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Um aluno de nosso programa de educação fez este wiki. Não foi feito pelo pessoal do iFixit.

BLU Studio 5.5 Troubleshooting

The Blu Studio 5.5 is an android phone, which is used world-wide by individuals for personal and business use. Over time the device may have malfunctions, and the malfunctioning parts will need to be identified and examined. If the parts cannot be fixed, then they must be replaced.

Screen is Cracked or Unreadable

The screen has been cracked such that it is difficult to use and/or parts of the screen no longer light up.

Damaged LCD Screen

If the screen will illuminate but will not display anything, and has a blank, white screen the most probable cause for this is a faulty connection between the LCD display and the motherboard or there is a problem with the motherboard that requires you to replace it.

Impact to Screen

When the screen is damaged due to a fall or hit to the LCD screen it may not display anything on either part(s) or all of the screen. If this happens it is usually only a matter of time before the entire screen will go blank.

To see how to replace your screen, please click the link [how].

Phone Will Not Power On

Phone will not power up when power button is held down.

Loose Battery

The battery may just be loose. To see how to get to the battery and readjust check out this BLU Studio 5.5 Battery Replacement.

Faulty battery

You can replace the faulty battery with a new, appropriate battery using this BLU Studio 5.5 Battery Replacement.

Broken Battery Connector

If your BLU studio 5.5 still does not power on , but your charging equipment and battery are otherwise good then the battery connector may be the problem.

Motherboard is Damaged

Motherboard might have short-circuited due to water damage or have faulty components within that would cause it to not function properly. Replacing the motherboard as shown in this BLU Studio 5.5 Motherboard Replacement. Another possibility is finding out what specific component is damaged, however you will need to be able to micro-solder the replacement parts once identified.

Audio is Distorted

Audio may sound lower or distorted.

Damaged or Loose Headset

Distorted sound may be caused by faulty headphones or not having them fully inserted into the audio jack. Using a different pair of headphones will solve this issue.

Speakers are Damaged or Connection is Loose

The speakers could be failing and need to be replaced or the connection may also need reconnected to the circuit board. The replacement guide is available Blu Studio 5.5 Speakers Replacement.

Damaged Audio Jack

If you have a headset plugged in and the sound is coming out distorted, the headphone jack could be damaged and needs replacement.

Images are Distorted

Pictures taken are not coming out correctly.

Damaged Front Facing Camera or Rear Facing Camera

When one of your cameras is not working properly the pictures you take could come out distorted. This could be a result of a bad connection which would require you to disconnect the camera and then reconnect it insuring proper attachment or completely replace it through this Blu Studio 5.5 Back Camera Replacement. Also, the software on the phone can cause the camera(s) to act up as a result of either needing an update or an application interfering with performance. A reboot of the software or deletion of the app will be necessary to clear this up.

Wireless Connection is Lost

Wireless connection is consistently dropped or no connection is formed at all.

Wireless Network Down

Make sure to check if the network is actually in service and is not down for maintenance which would result in not being able to connect whatsoever. Try connecting to another network or restart phone in case of a technical bug.

Damaged Wireless Antenna

A reason why the connection might be getting dropped is because the antenna is damaged or the connection to the board is loose. This could be a result of a faulty component from manufacturing were the part just went bad after time or the connection was moved due to the phone being dropped.

Phone is Wet

Your phone has gotten wet one way or another.

Internal Damage

If water has gotten inside the phone the only way to resolve this problem is by acting the moment it happens to minimize the damage to your device. This can cause circuit issues and cease device functionality if it has come into contact with the liquid. The first step to reducing the amount of damage to the phone is to remove the battery, SIM card(s), and laying the parts out to dry. If you suspect the battery has made contact with the liquid it may be best to avoid using it again as it can cause further damage.

My gfs blu phone is not working at all I think she has taken it apart to really see what or why it's not holding a charge or will charge at all.. I'm telling her to give up on the phone. She's been messing with it for 2weeks I'd advise people to not purchase this phone

caitlyn - Responder

How do I sign on to a network that has restrictions? Right now there is a circle and in the circle there is a lock.

Ken Alverez - Responder

I have had my blu studio 5.5 c phone for 2 weeks and all it will do is power on and off.

I can't get it to do anything.

I've tried to reboot it, I can get it to where you reboot but it want even click on it to reboot it.

I paid a lot of money for this phone and I can't even use it.

sheilagun1971 - Responder

Hi my the back camera and flash light on my phone suddenly stopped working I don't even have the option to switch from front camera so its stuck there and my phone has settings on it that were not there when I got my phone also I rebooted it wiped it and nothing worked what can I do.

Tamara Johnson - Responder

I've got a Blu Studio 5.5 & it shows charging but battery is at 1% all time acts like it seen in charging port can this be fixed I've got alot on phone that I can't replace picture wise

rholmes91 - Responder

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